Hope RE Funding

Nearly 50 million people in America are negatively affected by food insecurity...

and yet

Over 60 million tons of food is wasted each year in America

The problem already has a solution

All we need is the capacity to
bridge the gap




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Hope RE Funding

Hope RE Funding is an investment offering whose purpose is to use private capital instead of traditional bank financing to purchase and build out the facilities to expand Blessings of Hope’s capacity.

It provides an opportunity for the community to invest in the infrastructure needed, expanding Blessings of Hope’s ability to steward resources for God’s Kingdom. It is also a unique opportunity to do something that produces both earthly returns and heavenly rewards.
Hope RE Funding can receive investment funds from businesses, private investors, Donor-Advised Funds, or Private Family Foundations, offering up to a 6% return.
Hope RE Funding can also receive donations from businesses and individuals.
* Hope RE Funding is a wholly owned subsidiary of Light of Hope Ministries (the parent entity of Blessings of Hope) providing a Reg D 506C offering. Investment is open to accredited investors only, and has a minimum investment of $250,000.

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